Decades of Excellence

Crafting Success in Student Initiatives

Harnessing two decades of expertise, our solution stands tall, crafted meticulously over the years. This extensive journey has not only bestowed upon us invaluable insights but has also endowed us with a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in launching initiatives of this nature.

These years of dedicated effort have allowed us to fine-tune and perfect the functional environment necessary for success, honing in on precisely what students expect. Unlike generic platforms, we purposefully steer away from being a student generalist. Our focus is resolute, targeting a specific fraction of students (30 million out of 300 million) with unwavering determination.

Our current version marks the third evolution of our application. While we acknowledge there’s always room for enhancement, the proof lies in the astounding success of our proposition, evident in the 350 annual bookings on our Virtual Campus. Today, we stand as a testament to the accuracy and efficacy of our solution. Join us on this journey of excellence!

Meet Hervé SCHMITT: Pioneering Excellence in IT Solutions!

Hervé SCHMITT, a seasoned professional in the IT landscape, has been a functional Software designer, consistently delivering real added value to the daily operations of numerous prestigious international companies. His expertise lies in crafting solutions that redefine efficiency and productivity.

Venturing into Student Housing Innovation:

Introduced to the dynamic realm of Student Housing Solutions two decades ago by his wife, Hervé embarked on a transformative journey. Together, they have forged winning procedures and conducted a comprehensive market analysis, seamlessly integrated into a cutting-edge Digital environment. This ecosystem includes a feature-rich CRM, Web platforms, Onedrive, YouSign, and PayPal.

Unleashing Digital Excellence:

Hervé SCHMITT, driven by innovation and supported by a wealth of experience, continues to shape the future of IT solutions. His commitment to delivering excellence remains unparalleled.
Join us in embracing a new era of efficiency, where Hervé’s expertise transforms challenges into opportunities!