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Responding to an Unmet Demand

The student accommodation market is growing rapidly worldwide, propelled by the increase in international student numbers and the shortage of suitable university housing.

Finding the right accommodation near your university?

The Virtual Campus solution employs its comprehensive expertise to promptly establish itself as the leader in the student market for furnished seasonal rental accommodation, affiliated with major university brands. We address untapped demand with a controlled, lucrative, and recurring solution, ensuring a guaranteed affluent target market.

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In the World’s Most Viral Market

Today, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 86% are reluctant to engage with businesses that have negative online reviews. In the context of students, who often have no prior knowledge of the local property market or an established social network in their new environment, trust in peer recommendations is vital. Furthermore, 71% of millennials—our target demographic—actively seek out reviews and recommendations.

As the true value of public reviews comes under scrutiny, particularly with the rise of ‘professional reviewers,’ consumers are becoming increasingly demanding about the sources of social validation. It is undeniable that trust is a crucial factor in the success of any social initiative.

Word-of-mouth, our reputation, and the relevance of our offerings play significant roles, with discussions on the network, on campus, or in person facilitating the viral spread of information. Students are typically very engaged and participative, making their content particularly likely to go viral within their loyal communities.