The realm of recommendations

71 % of millennials search for customer reviews and recommendations.
While the true values of public customer reviews are at stake today, mainly due to the rise of “professional reviewers”, consumers are definitely more cautious about the origin of any social success.

Indubitably, the trust factor will become one key factor of success for any “social” initiatives.

Although it is important to remember that 88% Of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 86% of people hesitate to do business with a company if it has negative online reviews.

The changes of behavior:

Word-of-mouth has consistently been a critical consideration when it comes to a business’s credibility. However, with the widespread accessibility of the internet today, online reviews now carry as much credibility as a personal recommendation from someone you know.

The important thing to remember here is that consumers will trust a review that is both high-quality and authentic. If it seems spammy or paid for, it’s likely to have the opposite effect and turn customers off unless consumers are already recognized in a community.

Acquiring the trust of the communities

Above any online engagement, Individuals gather together for strong, but also for simple and trivial reasons:

  • a “shared life experience”. ( Facebook, Asmallword …),
  • a common objective (LinkedIn, Twitter),
  • a common interest (Airbnb, Online games, SEMrush…).

our target has :

  • a “shared life experience” ( University life experience …),
  • a common objective (to move on successfully with life),
  • a common interest (searching for a new start !).

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