How It Works

Virtual Campus SaaS : How It Works

The Virtual Campus SaaS module offers a unique commercial opportunity, along with all necessary resources—technical, functional, and support—to establish yourself as an undisputed leader within a few months. The operational integration of this activity can be partial or total, but two profiles are essential:

Student Support Manager: This role can be either independent or integrated.

  • Responds to incoming requests (average: 50 per week)
  • Facilitates tenant rentals (average: 1 per day)
  • Assists tenants and landlords with check-ins and check-outs
  • Monitors tenancies

Admin Manager: This role may also be independent or integrated.

  • Manages the property catalogue
  • Oversees properties (unlimited)
  • Manages owners (unlimited)
  • Predefines all communication for the Student Support Manager (IA)

Location, Location, Location…

According to a study conducted by Knight Frank in 2023, 72% of students consider proximity to services and infrastructure a key factor in their choice of accommodation. Location, therefore, plays a crucial role, offering ongoing support throughout the rental process. Familiarity with the city and its environment enables effective responses to students’ questions and concerns, support for local initiatives (cleaning and maintenance services), and facilitation of their integration into the local community.