What’s in store for you?

Our solution strives to establish you as the leading student housing provider within a few weeks for a specific demographic

Full Web site

(personalized to your brand)

  • Search catalogue (list page) – unlimited
  • Specific Search pages (list page) – unlimited
  • Product pages – unlimited
  • Who are we
  • The agency
  • testimonial
  • FAQ
  • Contact us
  • Footer

VC Management tool

  • Property management
  • Landlord management
  • Tenant and engagement management
  • Contract generator
  • Onedrive connection
  • Paypall connection
  • Engagement and booking management & procedures
  • Predefined email
  • Automated email
  • Inspections management board

Customer Success Support:

Empower yourself with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who guides you through:

  • Environment creation
  • Winning procedures insights
  • Personalized signature creation
  • Seamless onboarding
  • Weekly operational support for ongoing success.

365 days per year

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