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What is going to happen to you in France.

  • Are the French the world’s best lovers?
  • France: Ethnicity and Population
  • Understanding France’s complex law enforcement.

A brilliant show presented by Florence Villeminot, A Franco-American journalist at France24 who enjoys explaining French quirks to English speakers as much as we do.
Relevant, fun … you want to know a bit more about the French? Follow her!

The french connection on youtube
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Help and support

We do not offer a 24/7 service, yet we are definitely available in a case of emergency. We want our clients to have an enjoyable experience in Fontainebleau and to leave Insead with fond memories. Do not hesitate to ask us a question

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Discover and share

Dedicated to the Fontainebleau region, @lifeinfontainebleau regularly posts some great ideas for restaurants and activities.

What to do in Fontainebleau… we also believe that your life out of your house is also a great portion of the success of your future experience.
Get a direct look into life in Fontainebleau along with a few local tips and tricks
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INSEAD Swap and Sell

Numerous students have acquired items during their stay, items, that unfortunately don’t fit into the already super filled suitcases. What do you do ?  leave it behind or sell it ?!

INSEAD Swap and sell is a Facebook group that offers the possibility to members to buy, sell, give, swap anything that has became a “burden’’. The Facebook group gives you this opportunity.

The Virtual Campus implication is only an administrative one. It is all about direct contacts.
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Exclusive caterer and event organizer

Since 2009, with a smile and good humor, “Aux Délices de Diane” has provided tailor-made solutions to those who entrust us with the organization of their events, both private and professional, in the Fontainebleau region. From the simple delivery to the complete installation, enjoy the moment in peace. Aux Délices de Diane caterer and its service staff will meet your expectations at complete discretion.

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