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  • The largest and most complete selection of accommodation and premium offers for international students
  • A smooth landing for a great start.
  • We speak English and French!
  • Trust and Accountability (our commitments to INSEAD)
  • A successful track of records(INSEAD Prefered housing partner 2020-21)



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Virtual campus has been built to make sure that, during your short period in INSEAD, your accommodation is as smooth as possible contributing to a great student life experience.

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Dedicated to the Fontainebleau region, @lifeinfontainebleau regularly posts some great ideas for restaurants and activities.

What to do in Fontainebleau… we also believe that your life out of your house is also a great portion of the success of your future experience.
Get a direct look into life in Fontainebleau along with a few local tips and tricks.
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Exclusive expatriates relocation services

Louise has been on the market for the past 15 years.
She embraces Nietzsche idea of “the devil is in the details”. Recognized for her great performances, and also because of her professionalism.  She has demonstrated her efficiency by providing the best level of customer service in Fontainebleau, overseeing the tenancy/purchase of property, the transport of household goods, together with the comfortable installation of the family in their new environment,  including helping spouses of expatriates, to adapt to a new professional environment.

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Contact Louise directly at : lmccorkell@wanadoo.fr 

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Postpone to June 2022

INSEAD Accommodation in Singapore

We started our operation in Singapore in January 2020, unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic, the world confinement has halted our development. We love Singapore, and we can see the benefits of our approach. We will pursuit our Asian expansion current 2021 … see you soon!
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